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Human dignity & human flourishing is a way of living a fulfilling life that is intrinsically good. Let us help you flourish and live the good life with something NEO.

About Us

Building the dream one step at a time

In 2014 three business friends discussed a mutual dream to construct affordable but stylish housing for millennials, pensioners, underprivileged and working class individuals. Our goals & values were clear… to create human dignity & human flourishing through the ownership of a smart modern space to live, work and play in. It had to be simplistic, minimalistic and futuristic.

In 2016 we started to investigate and test various alternative building methods and found structural insulated panel building systems (SIPs) to be very cost-effective, appropriate and efficient.

In 2018 majority of the team ventured into their own initiatives with only one director left in the driving seat. It was time for “NEW”… a new business plan, a new strategy, new business relationships, new business partners, a complete new business.

In 2020 under difficult covid-19 pandemic and lock-down conditions, a dynamic new team collaborated. 50+ Years of combined experience in architecture, affordable housing, alternative building systems and property investment. NEOSPACE was born! “NEO” for a new, fresh, modern and a rejuvenated vision & mission. Connect with us – we can help you flourish!

We build affordable, desirable & memorable granny flats / cottages / chalets / townhouses with approved structural insulated panel systems (SIPs)

Why SIPs?

Structural Insulated Panel Systems


SIPs building takes half the time because you are framing, insulating & sheathing in one easy step.


SIPs are lightweight (+-30kg/m²) but have superior strength that can withstand extreme weather conditions.


SIPs building decrease onsite waste by up to 80% compared to conventional construction methods.


SIPs construction has proven many times over that labour costs is reduced by at least 55%.


Less thermal bridging due to airtight environment. Save 40-60% on annual heating & cooling costs.


SIPs can easily be painted, laminated, cladded or vinyl wrapped to create a stylish & trendy 3D look.

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